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Posted on February 19, 2014 by Brittany

Lauren gives the peace sign

How would you define your style?

My style is kind of all over the place. If I see a style I like, I try to reinvent it by adding my own twist to the look. I have always loved knee-high boots.  I’d say my go-to look is blue/black skinny jeans, a cute blouse with a cardigan, and some snazzy boots. I love layers, so usually have on 2-3 shirts every day. I am a shopaholic. It’s kind of a problem because, living in a renovated Loft I don’t have much closet space, so I am always re-arranging my closet to make everything fit. I have a lot of clothes, but I try to get rid of items I don’t wear often. I convince myself by thinking, “if I get rid of this, I can get new clothes to fill it’s hole.” Again, it’s a problem haha.
What are you working on right now?
We just wrapped on a photo shoot out in LA. It was a blast! I was proud to be part of it and was a great learning experience. I also just finished an NFL fashion show in New York City that we put on the night before the Superbowl. Next up is our Spring 2015 catalog shoot, quickly approaching in April. We are in the early stages of planning for that now.
Lauren at NFL Party
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Thanks for reading, I was so excited to share!
I have been super busy making miracles happen at work,
but I am looking forward to getting more looks posted soon!

Summer Pop Color take 2

DSC_0620Summer pop color





I have to say that the color combination of black and white with a pop color is one of my favorite looks, (see post from here and here as well). This open front type of cardigan is called a “cocoon cardigan”. The style is very cute and trendy, but I have to give a tip to anyone wearing one. I had a hard time finding tops to wear underneath this cardi, until I realized what the problem with it actually was. I find that when I wear a looser fitting shirt underneath this type of cardigan, it tends to make me look a lot wider and heavier than I really am. Plus, with this one, it doesn’t help that it has stripes too! So with that said, if you do decide to sport this style, please make sure you are wearing something a little more fitted underneath, so it will keep you looking slim. Hope this little note will help someone rocking this style! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Outfit info:

Tank top // (old), Similar here and here

Cardigan // Express, Similar here

White Pants // Express, Similar here and here

Wedges // Aerosoles via Kohls

Bag // Aldo (old), Cute here

Sunglasses // Gap

Necklace // (old), Cute here

Earrings // Target, Similar here

Bracelets // Everyday, Cape Cod, here, and Similar here

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Get more use out of your Wallet!







I can’t believe it’s almost August already! This summer is going by too fast! This look is more of a casual/beachy look that I wore to work. This cute slouchy bag is one that I normally take with me to the beach, but I have been using it as more or an everyday bag lately. I have a few other bags, wallets and clutches that sadly never really got much use in the past other than their intended purpose. I have been putting some of these items to use lately and pairing them with different outfits and looks (like I did here). When attending a wedding for example, you could definitely use a wallet like a clutch, and it can really open up more options from items that you already own but probably never thought to use in that way! As long as it can provide enough space for your necessities and cell phone, what more do you really need for an event like that? We all know there are some really nice wallets out there, so why not show them off? Take a look in your closet and see what you could be carrying today to spice up your look instead of the same bag you used yesterday!

Outfit Info:

Tank top // Express (old), cute here

Cardigan // Target (old), Cute here

White Flares // Express, Similar here

Wedges // Kohls, Similar here and here

Belt // Hollister (old), Cute here

Bag // American Eagle (old), Really Cute here

Necklace // (gifted), West Avenue Jewelry, via Max and Chloe

Earrings // (old), Similar here

Bracelets // Everyday, Cape CodLia Sophia (old), Cute here

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Puppy Love








Pretty simple look for a hot summer day! Still loving these Converse sneakers, and still seeing them on a lot of other blogs too. I don’t own too many hats (especially for someone who works for a hat company!!!), but this is my favorite one. I have a really small head, so I have a very hard time finding hats to fit me. I usually wear kids hats and sunglasses, but it’s hard to find stuff that doesn’t look too “kiddy”. This hat was specially made for my little head 🙂

My boyfriend’s parents just got a new Bernese Mountain puppy, and she is so adorable. Puppies are one of my favorite things ever. She posed with me so perfectly in these photo’s! 🙂

Outfit Info:

Tank // Old Navy, Similar here

Bathing suit Top // Old Navy

Jean shorts // American Eagle

Sneakers // Converse

Hat // ’47 Brand, Similar here

Earrings // (gifted), Similar here

Butterfly shift dress





Is this dress cute or what?? I got it a few years go at Forever21 for a whopping $15… my kind of price! Sometimes I think it is a little young for me, but the fit is really flattering on me and I love the back detail. As I mentioned before, I am looking for a dress for a wedding this summer in France, and am having a tough decision of “what to wear”! I am leaning towards this dress style, it is called a shift dress (hence the post title), loose and draped but fitted in the right spots (neckline, across chest and armhole).  Does anyone have any suggestions of places I can find a cute one for a decent price?? Please share your suggestions!

Outfit Info:

Dress // Forever 21 (old), Cute here, here and here

Wedges // Aerosoles via Kohls

Necklace // (gifted), West Avenue Jewelry, via Max and Chloe

Earrings // (gifted/old), Similar here

Bracelets // Everyday, Cape Cod & Alex & Ani


Thank you to my lovely brother #mileschagnon for photographing this one for me!