Red Blazer







A Blazer is a very quick and easy way to add a little class to any look. They can really be worn with anything, and are super “in” right now. It is the perfect little jacket to grab before work on a chilly morning, wear in the office, and even totally acceptable for drinks after work too! What more can you want from a piece? This one came from H&M last year, but I have a little black one that I scored from Salvation Army for just $5. I read somewhere a while ago that Thrift stores are loaded with blazers, and boy was that article right. If you are ever strolling by, drop in and take a look for yourself, and you may just find a little deal and new jacket! Just make sure to push up or roll the sleeves, that is the trend! Happy hunting! Thanks for reading!

Outfit Info:

Blazer // H&M, Similar here

Tank Top // Express (old), cute here (want this!!!)

Shorts // American Eagle

Wedges // Burlington Coat Factory (old), Similar here and here

Necklace //

Bracelets // Alex & Ani

Earrings // Gifted, Cute here

Sunglasses // Gap

Black, White and a POP!






Outfit Info:

Tank top // JCPenney (Options below)

Skinnies // American Eagle (old), Similar here

Wedges // (old) Similar here, really cute here

Clutch // H&M, Cute here

Necklace // vintage, Cute here (black), here, and here

Bracelets // Alex & Ani

A lot of blogs have been doing looks that consist of chic black and white looks. Inspired, I pulled together this outfit from items I already owned. The tank is from JCPenney last year, very simple and casual, but worked perfectly with this look. I scoured the interwebs to find a bunch of other cute black and white tank top options if you are interested in trying this look on your own! Check you closet first though, cause you may already own a nice top you could pair with white pants to recreate this look in your own way! Make sure to add a nice pop color into your look – it is super trendy and cute, and perfect for the warmer summer months. Sometimes you can work in a few pop colors, like I did here with the necklace and clutch. Hope everyone tried this look out, it is very chic and kind of fun! Happy hunting, and have a great weekend!


(Links for above tanks)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

5 // 6 // 7 // 8

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It could be the two-tone necklace, the gold chain-laced straps, or the white and gold mix that give off a Grecian vibe to this look. It was a very hot day, and the simplicity of this outfit was perfect for fighting the heat! This “braided” braid is my new favorite summer hair style. Since my hair has a lot of layers, when I do a regular braid, I always have pieces sticking out everywhere. With this style of braid, everything is very tight and there are no little ends sticking out. It is so easy to do, stays in all day and is hassle free! 3 Steps: Separate hair into 3 sections like you would to do a regular braid. Braid each section as its own braid. Then, use each braid as you would with sections, and braid them together. Good luck to all who attempt this easy breezy summer style! 🙂

Outfit Info:

Tank top // Forever 21 (old), Cute here and here

Skirt // Zara, Similar here

Sandals // American Eagle (old), Cute here, and here

Necklace (borrowed), Cute here, here and here

Sunglasses // Gap

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Crisp White Summer Dress








I went shopping last weekend! I had a gift card that I got for my birthday that I have been “saving”, and last Saturday was 100% the day to use it. I found SO many items that I really wanted at TJMaxx, it was a”hit” day. I am trying to save money, so I tried really hard to only buy items that I really wanted, and not to go over the amount that was on my gift card. I was proud of myself for putting things back that I didn’t “need”, and I only spent $1.16 over my budget! It was a good day for me! I ended up buying 2 dresses (the one in this post), and these fabulous Franco Sarto wedges. I have been looking for another pair of brown wedges because they go with everything. These are 4″ heels, taller than I normally wear, but they just might be the most comfortable shoes I own. Thank you Franco Sarto, I guess you will be a brand I stick with and suggest!

I have been wearing a lot of dresses lately, but it’s summertime, so why not? Running errands, working, grocery shopping… I still notice what people are wearing and how stylish they are! If you have summer dresses sitting in your closet, there is no better time to be wearing them, so dust them off and rock them before fall comes and you miss out!! It is an easy way to be chic, comfortable and stylish for the season, and who doesn’t feel good when you know you look good?!? 😉

Outfit Info:

Dress // TJMaxx, Cute white dresses: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Cardigan // Target

Wedges // Franco Sarto via TJMaxx, Cute here and here

Belt // H&M, Similar here and here

Bag // Nine West Via TJMaxx, Similar here, here and here

Necklace // (borrowed) Lia Sophia, Similar here

Bracelet // JCPenney (old), Cute here, here and here

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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My favorite “MuuMuu” dress







This dress is so old! I got it years ago at the Marshall’s in my hometown of little old Londonderry, NH. It really was a good find, a hidden gem. I call this dress my “muumuu” dress cause it is kind of loose, but ridiculously comfortable and definitely not frumpy! It is super summery with the bold and bright colors, and has a great simple shape and design. Dresses that have a looser fit like a “shift” dress, or “sheath” dress are becoming more and more popular, probably because they are good at hiding stuff you want to keep hidden, and they are flattering to most women. I am actually on the hunt for a nice looser fitting dress for a wedding this summer I am attending in France. Ann Taylor and the Loft actually have a few cuties that I spotted window shopping last weekend that I need to go try on! Not places I normally shop,  because their prices are more than I like to spend, so I will have to use some coupons and let you know if I find some good pieces and get a good deal!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading! 🙂

Outfit Info:

Dress // Co. Roxy Via Marshalls (old), Cute here, herehere and adorable but pricey here

Cardigan // Target (old), Similar here

Sandals // American Eagle (old), Cute here and here

Earrings // (gifted & old), Similar here

Bracelets // Everyday, Cape Cod, & Lia Sophia, Similar here

Headband // CVS

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50 shades of Yellow









Yellow skinny jeans are the ultimate summer pants! There are SO many shades of yellow running around this year, from the neon highlighter skinnies to more of a mustard/gold tone. The colors make you look tan whatever shade you decide to purchase, and the color is so light and fun for the sunny summer months! I do wear these yellow pants often, but really like so many other shades that I see and want — like the neon tones.  I try to restrain… one pair of yellow pants should be enough… for now at least! I try my best to shop smart and not buy things I basically already have, but maybe next year I will find a pair that has a little more difference in it!

Outfit Info:

Tank Top // Charming Charlie, cute/similar here and here

Layering Tank // Aeropostale

Yellow Jeans // Aeropostale, Similar here, here and here

Heels // Target

Sunglasses // Gap

Necklace // (old), Similar here

Earrings // Target, Similar here

Bracelets // Everyday, Cape Cod, Alex and Ani

Have a great weekend!!


Bright white sneaks!








I have been wanting these shoes for a while, and trying to figure out how to not pay full price for them (Converse never go on sale!) … then came my birthday coupons from DSW! These are the shoes I just got from DSW last weekend for $4.95! I had $40 in coupons saved and stacked up… now that’s how to save!!! I was so excited, sometimes it’s the little things in life, and it made my weekend! The slub-knit style of this tank is pretty on trend. Different shades of heathers (grey tones) are all over the market right now, lots of good, really different shades of grey to give your fabrics a modern twist!

Outfit Info:

Cardigan // Old Navy (on sale!)

Tank // Similar here and here

Layering Tank // Aeropostale

Jeans // Gap

Shoes // Converse (from DSW)

Sunglasses // Similar here

Necklace // Express

Earrings // (gifted), Cute here and here

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

White on White







Tried out a different kind of look today, white on white! I was so excited it’s “ok” to wear white again that I just packed it all on 😉 This outfit worked okay, I think it would have been better if the tank was little more fitted. These are some of my favorite summer pants. We used them for a catalog photo shoot at work, and I liked them so much I went out and bought my own (#stylingproblems, #shopaholic)! They are from American Eagle last year, but they actually have a pair very similar on their site currently (link below).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Outfit Info:

Tank // Old Navy

Cardigan // Old Navy (old), similar here

Jeans // American Eagle

Wedges // Kohls, cute here

Belt // Target

Sunglasses // Gap (kids)

Necklace // Vintage, Cute here

Bracelets // Everyday, Cape Cod, Amber beaded (gifted from China!), Similar

Dressy Vest







I just picked up this skirt a few weeks ago. It is very basic and inexpensive, but I want to try to get more skirts into my wardrobe, and cheaper is always better! I actually am loving how this outfit turned out! The tank is a little long, but if tucked in (or shrank a little in the washing machine) it should be okay. The shoes were the most expensive part of the outfit actually, everything else was either found on clearance or just really inexpensive… You just have to be willing to look for the deals! This is one of those feel good outfits 🙂

Hope everyone has a great long Memorial Day weekend!

Outfit Info:

Tank Top // Old Navy (on clearance for $3!)

Vest // Old Navy (old), cute here and here

Skirt // H&M for just $5.95 (at regular price- not even on sale)!

Shoes // Steve Madden (old), Cute here

Necklace // (old), Similar here

Earrings // Express

Bracelets // Everyday, Cape Cod,  Jade Bangle, Silver Bangles

Sunglasses // Gap (kids)

To the Max





This is the only maxi skirt I own! The Chevron pattern like this has been pooping up all over the place in the last 2 years, very popular and trendy design. I am hoping to gain a few more maxi skirts this summer, they are so comfortable I could sleep in one, yet style stylish and classy. Definitely a staple piece to add to your summer wardrobe if you don’t have one already, and they are great for all ages!!

Hope everyone has a good start to their week!

Outfit Info:

Blouse // Old Navy, Similar here

Layering Tank // Aeropostale

Skirt // Kohls (last year on clearance), Similar here (expensive), Cute here

Belt // Hollister (old), Similar here

Sandals // Steve Madden (old), Cute here

Sunglasses // Gap kids

Bracelets // Everyday & Cape Cod, Silver Bangles Similar here

Earrings // (gifted), Similar here

Necklace // My Name Necklace